Carry Over Current Domain


Originally I set up a free account with 000webhost and created a website with the default domain they gave me. I have since switched to another paid hosting site. My 000webhost account is still active and in use and I was wondering if I am able to bring my domain name with me?

I assume that the domain is owned by 000webhost and thus I can probably not do this but if there is a means of doing so, either a simple transfer or if payment is required I would like to know.


I realise that I could use my current website to redirect to the new one but that is obviously not ideal but I realise may be the only option.


What domain do you want to use?


The domain is


Ah no sorry that subdomain is stuck here sorry


I assumed so, thanks


I mean you could redirect it to your new domain to catch old visitors used to the old address in the meantime as you’ve said.