CName & Pointing



I’m not sure whether I can do what I need on the free service or if I need to upgrade as I see conflicting information.

I first registered a domain on before getting this hosting here, and putting www mysite co uk and mysite couk currently redirects to mysite 000webhostapp com as I set up a CNAME and have started building pages like About & Contact but how do I get the user to see the pages as mysite co uk / contact in the address bar instead of mysite 000webhostapp com / contact? Do I need to set something up for each page to display the correct URL?

My Domains says the site is linked to my mysite domain so I can’t see what else I need to do. Is it only available with the paid hosting service?

The page for My Domains here Says “You have domain purchased elsewhere and want to use it here. Your domain must use 000webhost name servers and branding.” which implies it isn’t possible but multiple help topics and tutorials are suggesting it is possible. I would be happy to keep the mysite 000webhostapp com branding but Facebook refuses to link to it.


PS Does the forum software here automatically create hyperlinks when it sees an address? Had to change the text so each address doesn’t get put as a hyperlink otherwise it wouldn’t let me post. WTF?


I think I solved my own issue, had to remove the CNAME on Names co uk and use their redirect feature. Not true pointing I guess.

Still can’t get a mysite co uk / contact link posted on facebook though. Will that only work with a paid service here?



I see you’re using wordpress, so to fix your issue,
1)First Park your domain in your 000webhost account.
2)Then login to “Wordpress Admin Panen” >> Settings >> General,
and change “Site” and “wordpress” url to your domain name.

Now clear your browser cache.
Ola!! Your issue is solved :slight_smile: