Cox Internet is Blocking my Site for Phishing, HELP!



I have been using your site for a couple months learning how to use HTML and Javascript.

Recently I found out that your hosted sites are being blocked by Cox internet for email phishing. I asked Cox what I could do to get my site unblocked and they responded: “You can try reaching out to their support and request they remove any suspected phishing sites from their service although because it’s a free service I suspect this will be a futile effort. If you’re intent is to spend more time developing web applications you might be better served moving to another hosting provider.”

In the future I do intend to get a paid website, but if it is getting blocked by Arizona’s number one internet provider I might need to switch providers even though I like your services. Is there anything you can do?


I’ll contact the related devs :slight_smile:


Hi @taintedsushi,

I am really sorry for this situation. I see the problem, however there is not much we can do about it.
We work hard trying to suspend all malicious websites hosted on 000webhost and to be fair it usually taking less than a minute to suspend malicious website from the time they were published. However, the number of these are quite high and that’s not always enough.
We are constantly looking for solutions and I hope we will find some.
If you really like our services you should try Hostinger which is even better!


Out of curiosity what does the page look like?

Over here in the UK I’m with Sky for my ISP and they’ve got a setting in my online account settings called “Web Shield” this means my requests to websites are basically filtered through Sky using DNS to stop me visiting any reported or dodgy websites but many times this has caused issues where Sky has filtered an entire subdomain like in your situation I assume at one point there was a and Cox has filtered - instead they really should have just filtered out the intial user and not a few million users innocent sites instead, luckily for me I can turn off the Web Shield and I use alternative DNS from Google as well to aid speed too.

You should see if you can

  1. Turn off the filtering by Cox
  2. Politely ask them to rethink their decision of blocking a few million innocent users of the 000webhostapp URL
  3. Switch up to Hostinger premium where the service is 100 times better and you will not face this issue
  4. Park a domain against your account like and you won’t need to give out the 000webhostapp URL which is being filtered by Cox currently.
  5. Try Google DNS out to see if it resolves the issue for you personally?
  6. Ask them for a link to their blacklist or the third party lists they may use to aid safe browsing and maybe we could reach out to them to remove the 000webhostapp blockage?