Custom CMS with ZenCart


Custom CMS and Zen-Cart.
Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. can be a little complex for many people. I wanted to make a custom website thats easily editable by the owners and blends well with the shopping cart system. Contact Us/Comments are saved on site and Employment Application saved to site in PDF format. All viewable in the Admin. What do ya’ think?
Username: Guest
Password: GuestPass1 for the demo.


login seems to work fine


Looks good. What’s that login for? DDoS protection?


Going to have different “Admin Levels” for users when its done (look in top right corner of the window. Just for reference right now) Just one form on the front end. Think I’ve already got XSS taken care of. Guest can poke around in the back end but edits won’t be written. Did you notice the design is almost entirely CSS? Turn of images in your browser and have a look. Oh yeah, its responsive too. A lot of people viewed this post but only 2 took the time to comment. Thanks for being one of them!