Different email address registration problem


I moved my site to new service, but I am not able to change domain to previous.
When I try, it says that domain name is already in use.
May be the reason is that when I registered to new service
I was forced to set reliable email address which is different from old service.

Can you please unlock my following domains

both were registered for b*****r@mail.com

Thank you!


Hi @rakuba!

What is your new e-mail address?



It is


I don’t get it. Please post it and I’ll censor it.

Also, please post your new e-mail address, not your old one.




I have moved the domains to your new e-mail address. :wink:


Thank you!

Should I wait some time till I can add domains?

Because it still says that sub-domain is already in use.


Try now?

:1234: :1234:


I tried both Park Domain and Point Domain to rb.web44.net
but it still says that domain is already in use


Just to clarify, when you added


to 000webhost they were ‘free subdomains’?


No, there were no “free subdomains” for them


Wasn’t those with the netnai.net and other subdomains?


No. No “free subdomains” at all



Are you seeing this screen?

Or are you clicking own domain?


If you don’t see the free subdomain option then you can only use the free 000webhostapp.com URL now or you can purchase a Hostinger domain or use a Freenom domain.


No. “Free subdomain” is missing on my screen. I have only "own domain " and “buy domain” options


Okay no worries then you’ll need to use a Freenom domain or Hostinger premium domain since the free subdomains have been removed from service.


I see. Thank you!
I will get a new domain.