Dreamweaver site size for hosting


I already have my website designed and completed and have just registered my co.cc domain. However, all I need to do now is upload my site for hosting, but I’ve just realised that the size of my site is 2.63Gb. Does this mean that I now have to cut it down in order to have it hosted??? :confused:


Just cut it down and then upload.


I’ve tried cutting my website size down, and in spite of chopping out so much, I’ve only managed to get it down from 2.63Gb to 2.62Gb, and I can’t risk sacrificing so much hard work. There must be another way, other than having to find a host with unlimited capacity? I’ve tried freehostingcloud, but they’re extremely rude and nasty.


Well can’t you just upload your site somewhere around 5 files at a time?
Or is your website just one file and it’s 2.62 GB? If you’re talking about File Manager’s file size limit, you should use an FTP like FileZilla then.


just curious about what is making your site so big, are you hosting files, documents? or is it images?

images: save as .png they take up alot less space.
files: exe’s? rar/zip them up, this will save some space.
media: movies clips/mp3, compress them?/upload elsewhere and link to them.

that’s all i can think of ?_?


Thanx guys. Well, according to properties, the site has 1,474 files, 47 folders. It has 3 pages. The first is 69.1KB, the second is 128KB and the third is 327KB. I hope this helps??


542.1kb != 2.62GB…

well you could delete 1,000 of your 1,474 files, or upgrade, then you have unlimited space.


Ohh I see… I thought he meant the file size transfer limit. Didn’t really understand him well.

Looks like your only options are what kei and lobrc said above.


Deleting 1000 of my files is hardly a sensible option!


if you have such a huge site you should consider upgrade to paid hosting.


i don’t know what these ‘files’ are, but if its possible, .rar/.zip them up, that would save you quite a bit of space.



his whole site that he worked on needs to be transfered and it’s 2+ GB but 000webhost’s free hosting only has 1500 mb disk space (1.5 GB). So he either needs to upgrade or cut down his site…



So, I’ve managed to shrink my website down. However, now that I’ve uploaded all 3 pages, they all appear blank, as the backgrounds are missing along with images??


@josh, yes i know, that’s why i suggested he .rar/.zip up the files if possible. (.rar/.zip-ing compresses them, saving space)
anyways, sounds like he cut it down enough already.

@rockdude, did you upload the images?


Yep. I uploaded the images folder, or do I have to upload each image individually?



But doing that, it wouldn’t show his website. There would be just a .zip file in his site. ?

@Rockdude, maybe a link to your site will help.


@Joshabar123, i said zip the files, not the pages. (assuming they are up for download)

if you upload a folder, everything in the folder gets uploaded too. the only thing i can think of is the path to the image isn’t correct. uploaded to the wrong spot, misspelled folder name, etc


Yeah, I know what you mean, but the paths and urls of the images are all fine, otherwise they still wouldn’t appear in preview (F12)???


otherwise they still wouldn’t appear in preview (F12)

not true; there is full path, and relative, your site may be looking for an image at c:/yourcomputer/website/images which doesn’t exist on the server, you want relative which starts like “…/images/”