Emails now not being received


Hi there.

So to start. We had a domain registered with a company just to recieve company emails through.


I then got a webpage set up for our site using 000webhost, but now since the site has went live we are no longer able to receive emails to our email address, but we can still send emails. We use outlook to log into our emails.

Is there anything i can do to rectify this?


Can anyone help with this? I am sure this has been like this for days and it is very fustrating only finding out now about this


Some mailing servers have been temporarily blacklisted


This is extremely frustrating, my two sites are not sending emails either, and you guys haven’t made any announcements about it. I don’t even know how long it’s been down and how many emails I’ve missed since it’s been down. When are you going to fix this?


Is it working now? :slight_smile:


No it is still not working!

It was working fine before i created my website with 000webhost.


How would it work before even creating your site? :joy:


There is nothing funny here. Would you re-read my first post.

I have a domain registered. They gave me 2 email accounts to this domain. Emails have been working fine.

I then created a website through 000webhost, redirected the DNS at the domain site.

Emails did work, now they are no longer working.

How can this be rectified? Or do i just cancel the site with yourselfs and let me domain register set me up a hosting plan themselves?


Well, you can upgrade to hostinger and get a mailbox there