Free subdomain removal


Is 000webhost going to remove everyones free subdomain forcing them to use


Already did that, not?
If you have did it before they was removed, then you can keep it


This is annoying, coz I deleted my subdomain just a few days ago when my site was slow loading, with the intention of reinstating it. But once it was removed I found there was no way of restoring it. Could I have it back since it was a mistake? I’ve had the address since 2009!


Sorry, those subdomains are not for us anymore :confused:


@Stilon, you can always purchase a domain name from Hostinger or get one from Freenom. This way, your domain will possibly be shorter and will look more professional :wink:


Freenom looks interesting but I would still prefer my old one back. The subdomain feature is still functioning so it can be done (easily). 000webhost should either reintroduce subs or scrap the thing altogether.


Hi @Stilon!

We are very sorry for inconvenience, however there is no way we can introduce old subdomains again.

000webhost has been intended to be a free hosting provider for developers and students, for testing purposes. We already offer you the * subdomain in that matter. We believe that once your website is no longer a learning or a hobby project, linking a domain or buying a cheap premium plan should fix this glitch.

I will forward this matter to administrators however I have doubts regarding it. Please be patient.


@Stilon what was your subdomain?


As above what was your subdomain.

They are in function for existing customers but the feature has been completely removed from the panel so new customers cannot use them and if you delete an existing one it won’t come back to your panel at all since the feature isn’t there at all.


My domain was

You say the feature isnt there at all, but if you click on the ‘add domain’ button there’s a brief moment where the option appears:


The feature isn’t there in the end though, it has been removed for users.
Use a freeium or premium domain and park it.


Is that the final word, or should I wait to see what the administrators say? Unless free subs are completely removed from 000 then theres no reason for not restoring mine. I had no warning about the change.



Sorry but as per admins, they have no plans, as of now to add “subdomain” feature again.

This change was done nearly 2 months ago, we have intimated about this to users through forum support.


I’ve said many times in the past that subdomains can be removed from service at any time, I always urged users to use a premium or freeium domain in place of one.

I’ve asked the administrators and there are no plans to return this feature unfortunately, you are not the only one to contact there have been a few others who had an address for many years etc.

Try parking a FreeNom domain or getting a Hostinger premium domain.


I understand what you’re saying and wouldnt be as miffed if the feature was properly removed, but it isnt. Like ckhawand said in the 2nd post, if you already have a free sub then you can keep it, meaning the feature is still present and functioning. You should ask the admins what the situation is regarding this and whether it’ll remain in place. If so, then I could have my domain back. If they dont want people using free subs then why keep it running.


People who already had them will keep them.
But adding a new subdomain is not available as the domains are not ours anymore as far as I know.


I already had the domain during the last few months where the feature was ‘removed’; I deleted it by mistake about a week ago and simply want it back. I dont want a new subdomain, just the one that I had that was working.

ckhawand, all you need to do is point the admins to this thread and see what they say.


@Stilon As said already, those who have “FreeSubdomain” linked to their account…can use without any issue, but you can’t register any new “FreeSubdomain” or link any unlinked “FreeSubdomain”.

This information was given by Admins itself. I hope you understand.