Giving up hope lol


Tried the past 12 hours to get this to work looks like im just screwed… :confused: last attempt if someone would please respond i dont even care ill let you login to the ftp… I just need to know what im doing wrong :frowning:

public_html’s server DNS address could not be found.
localhost refused to connect.
either error i get randomly when i try different uniurls :frowning:

I think this is the issue but i cant find the right link to work :confused:
“uniurl” => “/public_html/uni.php”

<?php $UniList = array ( 1 => array ( "uniurl" => "/public_html/uni.php", "dbhost" => "localhost", "dbuser" => "id3703001_nytstudios", "dbpass" => "Buffy1111", "dbname" => "id3703001_ogame" ), ); function GetUniParam ($num) { $param = $UniList[$num]; return $param; } ?>


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