Help me with my wbsite


why does my website have this at bottom. i want it to end where the white ends. this only happens on home page plz help quick thanks


Consider reading this topic


what r u on about bro im talking about why theres alot of empty space underneath the footer on the home page


Sorry, I think @ckhawand misunderstood your question. I will take a look at your website code and get back to you :slight_smile:

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@azuk_03 please PM your login details. I will take a look. :slight_smile:

If I helped you, please mark the green solution button :slight_smile:


Hi @azuk_03

Your website is down right now. But i could load it via google cache. Anyway, there is a element in your website with id wb_element_instance264. It causes the problem.

  • Open css/6.css file
  • Find html[lang="en"] #wb_element_instance264 { height: 630px; min-height: 630px; }
  • Set it’s height to about 350px
  • Remove the min-height property.


Ye sorry about the bad grammar i was rushing writing the message, anyways ill try this to see if it works.


This half fixed the problem as there is still a little bit of space under the footer which is shown in the image.


Then reduce the height more.


How, what do you mean?


Nah, ive realised that the changing of the height didnt actually change anything? What else should i do please help.


Do the same with element with id wb_element_instance263


It still is the same.


Change 263 element, not the 264.


ive changed both to 260px and its perfect thanks soo much :slight_smile:


but will this change back to default when i use zyro and publish again?


ummm… I have no idea about that.

You have to do it and check.
If you get that problem again create a topic here. If the issue persists, we can try to find new answer for that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok thanks for the support, and also, this problem occurs on two more other pages software and hardware where is there css code?


You can find it with your browser’s debugger. Chrome debugger will be great!


How do this? Sorry im new to this stuff