How to point domain name with "www" to


I was able to select which successfully shows but gives a "Server not found" error.

Is there a way to get www. to work as well?



Not with free subdomains I don't think no.

Purchased parked/free parked domains yes.


Perhaps it could be suggested that the software be updated so that it would do this automatically? Many of the original websites have links pointing to them from other sites, forums, etc., which will become 'dead' with this change to



Maybe but I see no reason why people need www anymore though :confused: Just some extra typing


Yes, but it is still used and the lack of it will cause a lot of 'link rot', for a lot of web-sites.



@Druzhina Sry, As said above not with free sub domains.
If you want then, park a domain. (get a free domain from