How to rewrite from sub-domain to folder by .htaccess?


Hello everyone:

I wanna rewrite a sub domain to a folder like this :”(access url ) -> “”(real url)
I tried servral way to write the .htaccess file,
but failed .
Somebody help me ?


RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/sub/
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /sub/$1 [L]


Thank u sir. But are you sure it’s correct ?
I tried this, not work.
And it even looks not right.
The access url which needs to rewrite is SUB DOMAIN,
but RewiteCond of your solution is path, NOT matching a part of domain ?
even %{REQUEST_URI}, not %{HTTP_HOST} ???


Help! Somebody help me !


I have tried hundred times in rencent days,
It looks like RewriteCond does’t match, even like this :

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^.*$

How disprited it is


Thank you! I will try soon and report.


Unfortunately, these are all not work, inclue many of their possible transformations, similar forms .
( I tried in last hour totally, again ).
For supplementary, I am a program coder and I was properly skilled at Regular Expression.
This fvkcing trouble make me unwell, i spent too much time on this.
Moreover, I’ve add “[R=302]” on RewriteRule,
for intend to monit whether it taken effect on the browser’s address bar, even partial.

Now i’m thinking about to give up on 000wh,
even purchase a vps to deploy Tomcat that I usually using.


hum……it’s so excellent as you said?
Tell me why there’s no moderator help me in these days, firstly?
Tell me i must make a low-level mistaken, a stupid fault.


This one is kidding me, he got my site pswd and told me that he done the job,
but he do nothing actually.
Fortunately, i just sent him a test site.


@kui I guess you need to clear browser cache and data(or you can even use incognito mode) after making the changes suggested in above posts.See if this helps!!!


Thank you, in the browser’s net monite tool,
i saw a occurence that the redirecting was executing recursion.
So, i saw the uri “site/folder/folder/folder/folder/folder/…” in location bar.
At start, i consider the behivor of browser is caused by
the instruction which is send from web server, so i did’nt care it.
But later when i modifed the htaccass file to validating yr perspactive,
I found it’s true, content of the site/page is cached in browser,
but in the contemporary, i have been aware that
the recursion is occuring in the brwoser! Not server !
seeing the “302” entry append one by one in the browser inspector,
how wonder, amazing it’s, it’s so surprising!


1.Your guiding is very valuable, it’s worked out the confusing fog in my mind.
Now i knew the rope that effect way of the htaccess file,
and the reason of that I tried so lot of times those are all not work.
Thank you very much !
Though i waited several day for you, but it’s worthy.
now i feel it’s easy to work out now.