I cant upload my files


It always says “syntax error in IP address” im using only 5% of file size pls. help


Can you provide a screenshot?

If you are on the NEW CONTROL PANEL then your host is files.000webhost.com your username is your website application name like yoursite from yoursite.000webhostapp.com and the password can be changed under general settings at 000webhost.com


here it is hope this gets fixed because I cant imagine my files are too small of 45mb to get error like this?


Can you provide a screenshot of the settings via Site Manager?

Is an example of a good connection using the details above.



well it seems we’re the same settings so why is it getting errors?


Have you managed to successfully connect previously?


before the server DB was down an hr ago, Yes, all of its operations are ok previously and not until the db restored 2 hrs ago, this errors came out and I dont know what happened to the server? it seems an IP address was changed? or the permissions? I dont know. Sir, maybe you double check the db slot sometimes in the server hub, they forgot to save the settings and it scrambled the IP’s or it leave the settings to dynamic. TY


Can you confirm which control panel you normally see when you login and what control panel you see when you login now?



well I think it is updated so its new already sir, so after this db updated, my uploading error uccured


While in FileZilla and you hit “Edit” at the top then “Network Configuration Wizard”

Can you provide results of the test?


ok. . . .ill send you an Screenies after


Have you changed anything related to your computer security, firewall or your home internet router for example?


this is the result of test, and it shows the IP is wrong?. No, I didnt change any setting for my firewall, or even in the security. When I used to ping that is ok and no problem at all so I dint understand how would it make this IP is wrong?


That seems like a local issue be it a security update your computer has got or possibly even new policy enforced by your ISP provider/router update.

Try the wizard again but select


Now once you finish the wizard, save and try to connect does it work?


sorry for not reply due to our limited posting txt here, yesterday it becomes normal not until now I cant access to my ftp DB, and now I cant open my file manager, the statistics are blank, it supposed to be filled up


and now it shows this, cannot FTP it stocked to PASS and stay that for a couple oh hrs.:. . . . . … pls. help. Thanks


my website has the same problem