I need help and quickly please


I tried searching the forum and fixing the problem myself but I can’t get it to work.

I’ve hosted my webpage on 000webhost and changed my domain pointing with fasthosts, that all works.

My emails however are not working. Fasthosts say it’s an MX DNS problem. I tried changing the IP here and it’s not working. This is my business email I need it to work I’ve already lost out on jobs.

Here is what fasthost wrote:

"Dear Chris,

Thank you for your recent enquiry (170412-000550).

As per checking, the problem appears to be with the DNS settings. It was the same problem that you had before. To rectify it, please contact your web host provider and ask them to update the MX records of your domain name. Please ask them to point it Once done, please allow 24 hours (max) for the changes to take effect.

For your DNS reference, please see below:

c-rogers.com A record
c-rogers.com has address

c-rogers.com NS records
c-rogers.com name server ns01.000webhost.com.
c-rogers.com name server ns02.000webhost.com.

c-rogers.com MX records
c-rogers.com mail is handled by 0 mail.post.000webhost.com.
mail.post.000webhost.com has address

In the meantime, if you experience any further issues, please reply to this email.

Best regards,

Noren "

Because I’m not clever enough to fix it my next step will be to find a different place to load my webpage. Dear 000webhost please help. You’re my only hope.



You are using nameservers to make your site work with 000webhost yes?

So your MX record is handled here at 000webhost by default.


Click Manage Your Site

Click Manage Emails

Create Your Free Email Forwarders


Else hit

Set Web Address

Browse down and click Manage on your site

Choose Set MX Record

Change to another provider like Google