I really need help urgently, uploaded a wordpress website and images not showing


I really need your help urgently guys. I uploaded the standard wordpress theme with no problems, then I installed a themeforest wordpress woocommerce theme.

It told me in the instructions, to intall the .XML to get the woocommerce wordpress store looking like it’s demo.

Once I have imported the .xml file from the woocommerce package, the store installs the pages, etc… However, it will not display the pictures for some reason and it’s confusing me like crazy. I really need to get this woocommerce wordpress theme up and running.

Can anyone point me towards a staff member or how I can get help, I am getting pretty desperate here.

Many Thanks


Are the images existing in your files?


I am not sure… all i tried to do was import the theme v .XML file, which should display the shop, like it is in the demo. However, it does not seem to show at all.

Please can u take a look


Right click the image and open it in a new tab, does it show a 404 error


Thanks for getting back to me. Here is the website I am currently working on -


Please it would be so much appreciated if you can help me with this, as I am running out of time to figure out how to setup this theme for a clients project.


Wordpress installation shows up


here is the updated website, please can u take a look and let me know why i am getting these error messages.




Looks like a theme error, try using a different theme.


how can it be a theme error ?

i am really confused why the images fail to import from the demo .xml theme


Theme/coding error, contact theme developers.


Hi @Carlover!

I have fixed the mixed content issue, however the images are attempting to load from localhost (, probably set up before Wordpress set up. They should be loading from current website address instead.


I think you may need to edit your post and re-upload your images manually to fix this problem.


Hi Teodor,

Thanks for your help.

However, I am a tad confused.

The wordpress theme I am trying to get working is a premium theme from themeforest.

The theme I have had has had wordpress installed, theme installed, all plugins installed, I have followed the instructions and every time I am trying to import the themes demo .xml folder, it is failing to upload the images.

Can you please tell me how I can upload pictures manually, so that I can get them working.

Many Thanks


If a premium theme then contact developer and they have to correct the theme for you.


So, to clarify, the images are stuck with the theme by default?


the images are in the .xml file…

to upload the .xml file, you go to the wordpress admin… down to Tools > Import > Wordpress > Run Import > and then upload the demo data from the .xml file… however, on importing the demo data, I get the following error message.

Failed to import Media “dsc20050727_091048_222”
Failed to import Media “dsc20050813_115856_52”
Failed to import Media “canola2”
Failed to import Media “Bell on Wharf”
Failed to import Media “Golden Gate Bridge”
Failed to import Media “Sunburst Over River”
Failed to import Media “Boardwalk”
Failed to import Media “Yachtsody in Blue”
Failed to import Media “Rain Ripples”
Failed to import Media “Sydney Harbor Bridge”
Failed to import Media “Wind Farm”
Failed to import Media “Antique Farm Machinery”
Failed to import Media “Orange Iris”
Failed to import Media “Rusty Rail”
Failed to import Media “Sea and Rocks”
Failed to import Media “Big Sur”
Failed to import Media “Windmill”


the images are in the .xml file…

I suppose the XML contains only the path to the images, not the images themselves…

What size does your XML have?


1,954 KB is the size of the .XML


Usually the XML files are containing only text not binary data within them.

As far as I know, when exporting the Wordpress over XML, you only export the posts and replies, but not the images. Are you sure you are not missing any folder or additional files you may need to upload alongside XML? :confused:


I have used other premium themes in the past from themeforest on other hosting companies… and I have always uploaded the .xml data and all the images have been uploaded aswell…

is there anyway I can possible email you the theme, so that you can take a look at it… it would be much appreciated, as I am running out of time fast.

Many Thanks


If you purchased it why not get the developer to fix it?