Install PHPFusion on your website


As of 31/05/2017 this script appears to install and function fine, if you are having troubles installing it - clear your account, follow the instructions carefully from this tutorial or the readme that comes with it.

Upload the files into public_html from the folder “files” now make sure config.php is uploaded as a file and NOT A FOLDER.

Ensure you copy and paste the correct details accordingly.

Download the script from the developer’s website

Upload the script to your 000webhost account

Once uploaded, right click and extract the script fully.

Now rename the _config.php to config.php

Now visit

Make sure all are green

Ensure you have set config.php to 777

On create your database keeping note of the details

Now once created copy and paste the username, database name into the script install

Once you enter them in the script hit next

If you reach this screen then PHPFusion is unable to be installed on your free hosting account, you’ll need to upgrade if you want to install it.


However if you get this screen

You should proceed and follow the instructions as such.

Following the advice delete setup.php

And permissions back to 644 for config.php


Nice tutorial :smile: