Laughing is funny and healthy


Haaaaa haaaaa
I laugh
I’m healthy
Do you believe?


Ha Ha I believe you had a spam attack yesterday which made me lol. Thanks, now I’m 3 posts away from “member” instead of “junior member”.

As to your health, sure I believe you.


Well, it might not be 100% safe and healthy to laugh?

But in small doeses it do work :smiley:


Is it caused by laughing or others
What do you think.


Why do you think
it might not be 100% safe and healthy to laugh?
You may be right
Small is beautiful


It =?
Please clarify for me.


I follow your lead
You’d said it so


Hey I saw that on TV of the man who laughed untill he died. :stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty cool actually.

I laugh everyday, makes me feel good and it keeps those bad thoughts away. :slight_smile:


Talkin’ about laughing, I am currently running a site with more than 2,5k followers.
It’s a place where users can submit funny jokes etc, but I have not been active on it for the last 2 weeks because of various things.


Do it in moderation
Yes, laugh can abolish stress
And stress is the main cause of premature aging (who says that?)


haa good one


Discussion makes our brain active
Active brain with healthy mind
makes us healthy all the time
Thank you


But we ALL believe in ourselves!


Laughter is always the best medicine. Even a smile is good.


yes, it could be true


Research actually have shown today that people who smile/laugh more age slowly.

I can’t point out a specific link to this but this is true.


Yes,Laughing is important in Humans Beings Life’ remove all the Diseases without Doctor.


laughing will reduce your stress. while you are tense just watch Mr.Bean or Charlie Series. def you will go crazy


Excessive laughing’s not good!!!

Anything must be done in moderation… even moderation :wink:


laughter is the best therapy in this world.