Log in issue www.000webhost.com/members/website/list


I am not able to login www.000webhost.com/members/website/list keep showing “Please wait. Connecting to server.”, trying for last one hour looking for help…


Same thing is happening to me. Can’t log in at all :frowning:


same thing


Now I’m getting this page when I try to log into my account:


Same thing is happening to me. I am very nervous about this situation!


I was having the same issue but now I can log in without problems


I am figuring it out please use a proxy extension on your favorite browser and try to log in, I am from India my ISP may blocking 000webhost. It’s worked for me.


A few internet service providers seem to be blocking 000webhost for no reason, in the meantime till it returns to normal use a proxy or VPN.