Lost access to my account


Hi there.
I host a domain with 000webhost, Saadat dot in. I think there is a problem with my hosting account causing my website to not work. My account is registered on a mail account on this domain, so I cannot even reset my account. Could you please help me out. The registered email id is saadat (at) saadat.in. Thanks.

saadat.abubakr (a t) gmail.com


Your email is not verified :slight_smile:


I dont have access to my email. How do I change the email now and verify it?


There is no data on your account related to that email given so you can make a new account and add your domain and upload your website :slight_smile:


I cannot add this domain, since its already added. Can you please do something about it?


What error do you get while adding?
What is the email address you are using to add on the new account?


It says that the domain is already in use. I tried creating a new account as well. Same error message. I tried both options, park domain as well as point domain.


I have listed your new account as the owner of the domain please try now with your gmail in the original post.


Thanks, the domain has been added now. When I try to link the domain with the website, it says that an error has occurred and the developers have already been notified. now what?


I shall refer this to a developer @mantas.daraciunas


Hi @saadats,
as far as i can see your domain and your website is perfectly linked and works fine!
You can now create email forwarders.