My account has been blocked


Please help my account. i dont know why got blocked report. restore my hosting plz because i need, and i try to contact moderator has not respond me

Below my site url :

Thank you and sorry for my bad english


Unfortunately we cannot unsuspend this site due to malware, if you wanted to use 000webhost we’d have to delete the account and you could start fresh?


Oh so sad :frowning: i think my site has been hacked by other people, but please if you can’t unsuspend my site… Go make backup for my wordpress site because my Data all are important :frowning: please help


Yeah you’ve been hacked it seems via vulnerable files probably as your login logs show no unusual activity, same devices and IP address as normal.

You are going to have to purge all of your files and file hidden probably etc.

Site unsuspended but the system may suspend it again on the next scan of malware.


Thankss so much… now my account was back, and i found hidden uploader with many backdoor files :frowning: in my site, So can you give me other tips to prevent any malicious code exploit my site?


Don’t install any plugins you haven’t checked out properly yourself it was more than likely a file you uploaded or installed that was backdoored.