My domain "" is blacklisted!


My domain “” is blacklisted! Please help me I bought it!


What is the purpose of your website?


Is an example of phishing website, only for education purpose, not to use for malicious purpose. But i think its all ok because I was recive an email from hostinger and telling me the conditions and the follow steps for use the domain, if i have any question i’ll tell you, thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @Andrew1998 !

Unfortunately any kind of hacking/phising related activity is not allowed on 000webhost, not even for testing purposes.

Plese change your website purpose, otherwise your account may get banned soon :slight_smile:


But the purpose is not use the website for malicious purposes, is only for teach my students the consequences of the phishing web with that example, if you go into website and click “registrarse” and complete the form all of information that you complete in the form is sended to me by email. I only use the web for explain the examples to my students, When I finish the teach I delete the content of the website.


And all of information that you complete in the form is all fake, only for explain.


Hi as many spammers are doing this nowadays . They say they are teaching and then they stole others password and then the image of 000webhost is get down. So it is still not allowed


Ok, no problem, i delete now the content of the webpage, but not the full domain.


That’s fne there is no problem with domain


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