My first website thanks to


Hi !
All forum members

I m Avinash from India. Two months back i m totally blank about what is html (language)codding, how to create website.what is web host, how to upload online, in search engines and all…?
But after all i create my first website. I really thanks to all forum members that by readings and support of forums blogs and thread i got a little bit knowledge about all.Now i m confident to start and enter in Online market.

Get a look on my first website and i welcome your valuable suggestion to improve better again next time.
You can also inform by mailing me at -



Looks like this site is not hosted by 000webhost at all. :eek:


Nope it was under 000webhost. :smiley:


It Look like your website is fully focused on Affiliate Marketing. lol. anyhow need to improve a lot, it was a simple HTML file. just make it to good attractive one.