My new website


Here is a website I built.

Before I built another website on the webhost platform I would really like to get feedback on this one. Please comment. Thanks in advance!


Looks good…Pictures are nice and clear. Pages move swiftly.

Some of the items have a really good (low) price…and I’m tempted to buy…even though I’ve never attended either university.

A friend of mine attended Auburn a long time ago…and ran on their track team.
He went on to run on the Jamaican Olympic team.


I like the layout of the site. I love minimalistic sites like this. The only thing I would suggest is even if you have no content for the footer. Align things to the left and add more later is the other two columns.


Simplicity is I think the one that makes this site good. Keep up the good work buddy.


I agree. You need to keep it simple. Well done. I really appreciate the positive and helpful tone of this thread. I think I will submit my site for review you all are being so helpful! : - )

Also fantown’s website loaded for me at

So maybe the person that couldn’t get it to load should try there. Seems to be working for everybody else though.

Bottom line: It’s a solid website. Keep up the good work!!!


I like the site. It is simple yet classy

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I’m still developing mine at this link:

Hopefully, one day it will be as good as yours.


The site looks really amazing man :smiley:
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