My site is regularly sleeping longer than 1 hour?


My site is regularly sleeping well over its 1 hour time frame. I realize this host is a learning platform, but if my site is constantly unreachable beyond the agreed upon time frame than the platform is useless. I need my site to be dependably reachable otherwise what’s the point of using this web host??


@Bryman Sorry for the inconvenience, yes i observer that…i personally tested and faced 10-20 min of additional sleeping, and it may be more for other users.
Admins are working on fixing these issues and will be solved soon.


I can not change website sleeping time frame because the option is disabled. What can I do? I’m embarrassed that my website has been down.


What would you want it to be?


I want to change the sleeping time to 5 AM.


In what timezone? :slight_smile:


GMT +9 :slight_smile:


Alright, I am changing it :slight_smile:


Did you change the sleep time today before now?


Yes, I changed once . There was only one option so I couldn’t change the time.


So you have to wait till tomorrow to be able to change again :slight_smile:


I tried again, but there’s no difference. No option except 12 AM
Would you help me?


@kgezzang I see you account sleep time frame working fine on my end.
Can you post screenshot of “Settings” >> “General” >> “Website sleeping time frame” now?


It is changed! Thank you :smiley:


If you’ve any other issues, let us know or PM me :slight_smile: