My website defaults to 000webhost page


My website is called
I can publish and upload my from within WYSIWYG Web Builder.
However, when I open my website ( I am taken to an 000webhost advertisement page.
Please can somebody help me?
Is there any point moving to another webhost - or would the problem be the same?


What is the status of your control panel?

What control panel are you using?

Try visiting and making a new account and try and park your domain to see if it will work on the new panel.


Um, if I try your link then I get “Server not found”. But if I try without the “www”, I get a page with some images proclaiming “Noteable Music of Cambridge” on a page titled “Index”. (You might want to change that page title, btw.) I honestly haven’t the slightest clue why that would be, because the only problems I’ve encountered have been in the opposite direction, i.e. sites work with “www” but don’t without. …I’ll look into it. In the meantime, does using/not using the “www” prefix change anything for you?


I rei really appreciate your interest and help.
Indeed, if I miss off the ‘www’ the website does appear as ‘index’. It is a delight to me to see its appearance but I really need it to appear with a ‘www’ prefix as this is what potential viewers would type. At the moment the website is ‘parked’ (following a helpful piece of advice from ‘James’ ) but my lack of understanding takes me no further.