My websites have disappeared


Before you changed your platform and rules I had about 6 websites on my account - all have disappeared, except one is archived - I need the database containing my clients’ personal details from one of my important sites


@mantas.daraciunas is it backed up?


Free hosting users are required themselves to always backup their files and databases whenever they make changes and on a regular basis.

I will investigate your account but it could be you didn’t migrate when the period was available therefore your databases won’t be available and we do not keep backups for free users.


You created your account on 000webhost on 2017-08-10

When you created this account on that date any stored previous old panel websites would have shown if available to download - if they did not then there is no data to download unfortunately.

I can see your ntlworld address had 7 domains on the legacy system which is now depreciated so there is nothing available from those ones.

Have you previously contacted 000webhost or Hostinger support regarding these?