Next headache: BANNERS!


Hello All.
Okay, any of the professionals here who are GOOD with banners.
A bit of advice on how to make or create or whatever it is you do with them?

I would so appreciate a bit of help here.
Thanx in advance.

PS: No laughing is allowed today.


I’m sure a lot of users in this forums are good with banners, you can use Adobe Photoshop to make one, or use [URL=“”]Gimp since Photoshop isn’t free.


If you really want to make decent banner, photoshop really is the way to go. I’ve made a lot of banners, what exactly do you want to know?
Keep a general theme - don’t go overboard with colors
Attention Grabbing - grab the eye with keywords, not flashy, annoying bs.
Make the user have a good reason for clicking on the ad at all.

Let me know what you need help with exactly in terms of banner making/design :slight_smile:


Well, depends on your website girl…
Let’s see your website… How does it look like? What banner will be good or it? Odd shaped or uniformed?
Consider that first… :slight_smile:


Hello Willy.

Honestly, i haven’t decided yet.
When i decide that, i will let you know, promise.
Nice day.


Hello subsonic.

I can make a banner, the problem is the link that doesn’t want to work with it at all. I don’t like funky colors at all. Mine has 2, just basic and normal.

Nice day.


Hmm is it just picture? I ask because flash is a bit different, but if it’s just an image this should be just fine:

<a href=“LINK URL”><img src=“Banner IMG URL” alt=“ALTERNATE TEXT”></a>

Link Url=where the user goes when they click
banner img url=the location of the banner image
alt. text= what the image will display on mouseover

I may be totally off here and misunderstanding your problem, be sure to tell me if I am :slight_smile:


Okay subsonic.

It is not a flash banner, i actually hate those things.

This is the site, that should show when they click on the banner.
Can you give me a link for this?



You forgot to add in the border=‘0’ attribute to the img src tag, so you don’t get that ugly border.


Correct, you don’t want that ugly link border. As far as embedding your banner just follow the previous post. With the border=‘0’ attribute of course;)


I’m guessing she’s asking for the HTML code for the banner to link to her site?
You can use this code to link it your site, if that’s what you mean:

<a href="">
<img src="**[COLOR="Red"]YourBannerHere.jpg[/COLOR]**" alt="**Saphrina's site**" border="0"></a>

You’ll have to change YourBannerHere.jpg to the (direct) link of your banner and you may change Saphrina’s site to anything.