Not registering domain name before signing up


I just discovered that my problem for not being able to access and change my nameserver was because
i signed up to 000webhost without registering my domain name. Now i have already parked my domain
name, what do i do?



Screenshot your Set web address area please :slight_smile:




The screenshot could not upload.
I will be very grateful if i can get solution.


What’s the domain in question? :slight_smile:


Is it possible to disable / delete all i have done so far so that i will start afresh to register my domain
name? even the sign up already done to be disable so that i will afresh all over.


You want do delete your account? :slight_smile:


Yes, i want to delete it so that i can start afresh and move ahead. I have been stranded for the past one week.



Can you email from the email you’d like deleted :smiley: