Please do not hijack threads!


As the topic says: Do not hijack threads
When a original poster creates a topic about a situation they may be experiencing with their account or their website, it is essential that we try and keep the post on topic. There are alot of statements saying “I have the exact same problem”, when in actuality, they are way off topic.

These problems may seem similiar to yours but may be a totally different problem all together. All help is appreciated but getting off topic is not helping. We have to try and keep the posts on topic so the original poster and others who may in fact be experiencing the same situation, can get the proper help from the community. Keeping posts on topic also helps users who are trying to SEARCH for answers to their particular problem. If you are not exactly sure that you are “experiencing the exact same problem”, please create a new thread.

[CENTER]Posts that try to hijack threads will be deleted on sight[/CENTER]


Repeat offenders will also receive an infraction.