Property Website


I welcome your feedback on my new website :

Houses under 2k

I’m not very technologically savvy, but I do know a bit about finding cheap property. So any feedback on the how the website looks, the content, etc would be most welcome.



Website looks good and a good theme choosen, but there is a lot of blank space beneath that need to be filled. Also on page seo needs to be done, few more pages needs to be added.


is free hosting website? tk tld is free one?


Thank you for the feedback tvtaddy and advent_geek.

I’ll try and do the SEO and sort out the space underneath. I have used the Zyro website builder and am not finding it very easy as I’m new to website design!

Yes, .tk is a free domain.


If you are finding it difficult, to customize the website, then try the wordpress, it is easy to customize using the wordpress cms.