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Firstly, thanks to 000webhost for the services. I’ve got a few sites I do for myself and some freelance clients that work great for the low scale of the free hosting. I use my own sites on the free hosting for a development/testing phase, and when things look ready to launch and go live I plan on upgrading to the paid service.

Anyway, I started putting together a recipe sharing site a month or two ago, and I’m hitting a wall. There’s only so much I can do on my own before I kind of get burned out and lose track of things, so I’m looking for advice, suggestions, and maybe even some test users.

000’s current network problems may or may not affect your current browsing experience. I have been having some issues off and on again.

Before everybody starts having too much fun telling me what I need to fix, I’ll start with that. These are things I’m aware of but haven’t quite had the time to get around to. I blame 18 credit hours :confused:

Known Issues:

  • no registration Capthca

  • Users cannot currently view the users they are following, or the users following them.

  • There are currently no notifications. When this is added, you’ll be able to see when someone you’re following posts a new recipe, shares your recipe on Facebook, or likes your recipe within the site.

  • Search box isn’t working. This will tie into the “Sort By” feature. We’ll search based on tag words added to a recipe when it’s created, and then search through other levels, like contents in the ingredients and so on.

  • Some flat pages, like FAQs, haven’t been built yet.

  • The link for bug reporting is empty because the page hasn’t been built yet. I’m keeping it there to remind me to get to it.

  • There is currently no way to report inappropriate recipes. It’s on the list.

  • Missing lost password retrieval system.

I’m open to any and all forms of suggestions, and like I said, if anybody is interested in joining up and submitting your own recipes, be my guest.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


That is a fantastic website! Looking at all the food makes me hungry…



Mmm… Thanks, I’m hungry now. Very nice website!


You have dynamic contents for the recipes why not do the same for the pages (see quote below)? it’ll be great.

It’s rare to see a website that has been built with dynamic contents in these forums. I bet you spent a lot of time coding the script so with that +1 kudos!

can also be viewed as


It didn’t take a lot of time, really. Most of the time spent has been scratching ideas down on paper and discussing things with my wife. the other site on my profile actually took me quite a while to script, but I learned tons through the process that made this site a pretty experience.

I may be misunderstanding what you mean about having pages like Terms be dynamic. It’s still a PHP file, I’m just using htaccess to serve the files when .html is used. I thought this might be better to a) obscure the technology a little to add a little extra security and b) to make it easier if, down the line, the file types used are changed for any reason. Other than that I’m not sure how to make a flat content page dynamic, but my ears are open.


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