Regarding over sleeping


Same for me:


@Wyne your site has been woken up. :slight_smile:


@Cadion22 I woke up your site. :wink:


@mythwind0630 and @elijahzawesome yours too! :slight_smile:


can someone help me to fix this issue please ~ urgent ~


I’ve woken it up. Good Luck! :wink:


My site is sleeping all the time. Please fix it…wake it up please, & if it needs to sleep, do it when I’m sleeping in about 10 hours from now (11:10pm).

Thank you very much


I’ve woken up your site. Good Luck! :wink:


Hi, can an administrator activate my website, please? He has been sleeping for more than a day. The website is


I’ve woken up your site. Good Luck! :wink:


Sorry I didnt want to open a new topic but wasnt able to add a comment to the one already regarding this issue. My site has been sleep for 2 days now. Please assist with waking up and can you let me know how to set the sleep times? Thanks!


You don’t need to worry about anything for sleeping times now. I woke up your site and now it’s fine. :slight_smile:


My site has been asleep quite a few hours again. What gives? This is shocking behaviour by this company and shows a real lack of professionalism and incompetence. I understand your companies idea behind the one hour sleep, but if you are unable to actually do this without causing major out time by mistake, then what faith would I have in trusting you by paying for a site?

Please look into making smaller restricted free site instead of doing this ‘sleeping’ blackmail attempt. You are driving people away with these ideologies.


Sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused you. There was a bug in sleeping times that caused sites not to wake up at the correct time. Because of this, we disabled it. When we did this, some sites didn’t wake back up. We now have to manually wake up websites. :slight_smile:


I have now woken up your website. Best of Luck! :wink:


Come on, you got to be kidding me… This is the third time I open a topic about it, you fixed it twice and it happens again. On the control panel it says that the website will sleep in 6 hours, but he sleeps right now, and he sleeps for over 3 hours already.
Please fix it permanently and not just for 15 minutes…


That’s common until the devs get it fixed, I guarantee they are working hard on that :slight_smile:


Any idea about how long would it take?


Can you wake up mine to. Been over sleeping. Would like to keep working on it.

Thanks for you help


Website is sleeping for more than an hour again.
Can you please wake the site up? Thank you