Review for my new website


I redesigned the site:

  • Added icons to the categories in the homepage
  • Added popular conversions section
  • Made my site mobile friendly
  • Improved the layout and the colors
  • Added many useful conversions

Should be better now :slight_smile:


:confused: you used a external tool for the currency converter? Kinda lame.


yup thanks for adding CHMOD Conversions :slight_smile:


Yup, then i will visit your website Frequently. :smiley:


Great buddy!

I have ideas for many new conversions that you will find very useful :slight_smile:


SO we would get some more useful conversions on one place. Kudos

Kind Regards


Yes this is the idea to put all the useful conversions in one place :slight_smile:


ok i like it


The site now contains more then 100 converters and calculator, and growing almost daily.


Reached 150 converters and calculators!


Can you tell me which theme are you using there bro?


I customized the theme by myself :smiley: