Review for my new website



I have created a website dedicated for conversions.
I intend to put there almost every converter or calculator you can think of, and the site already contains many.

Please review my site, tell me if you like it and what should be improved.

My site: [COLOR=“Blue”]Online Conversions[/COLOR]

Thank you!


I like your design.It is simple and colourful.


Design is cool. Best of luck for your site.


well, better work on seo.


looks nice. good luck!


It does the job!


Thanks, I am glad you liked it :slight_smile:


Wonderful job here as well. You must be very proud of your work by now. :slight_smile:


Looking nice


The website is looking neat and very nice.


I only tried the time conversion, and it doesn’t work correctly.


found a bug :stuck_out_tongue: sorry…

prime number checker does not take 17th digit correctly.

I tried to enter

one seventeen times, but the 17th digit automatically became 2 ? and 18th digit became 0 ?

also time converter … i entered 34 seconds and hit convert button and i got 34000 minutes ?

other than that, it’s a nice site.

like the layout and look of the site.


Thanks, I fixed the time converter.

I also added new useful converters and calculators.


You should make it update on change, rather than having to click a button to convert…


I think that might be it. Please update the thread if it worked for you.


yup so plain and simple, but it won’t work for all lower case


and also can you check out the all lower case converter. while i click convert nothing happened.

Your site is so neat and clean design.xD


Very nice website, good job!

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Yup its working Now, But full of ad. spam links or ad


Thanks, I am glad you liked it :slight_smile: