Sendmail not working


I introduced my PHP code that sends mail on to my mailbox. This worked just fine but now it has stopped. My email program reports back that no errors have occurred and I think that the mail service has not sent it. I check that the sendmail option is still on.

Any ideas please?


Maybe you used all 50 emails?
Check statistics area.


Thanks. I did think of that, but this was a new day (several days later). But I did check anyway and it was 0.

I can troubleshoot most of the stuff, but once my mail program thinks it has been successfully sent then I’m stuck.

Thanks again


I’ll inform the devs


This should be resolved now?


Thank you for trying to get this to work but it is still not working from my end. I did have this working and it was great right from the start. But now there is simply nothing and I can’t troubleshoot anymore because the message back from php is that it was successfully sent.
I even deleted the website and re-created it it, but it is still the same.

When it did work it worked consistently. Now I have tried three different php scripts with their respective forms.



I’ll advise developer that it still isn’t working.


it is still not working…