Server 15 552 Disk Full!


i am using filezilla, server15, uploading items to my website and i get

[COLOR=“SeaGreen”]Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later[/COLOR]
[COLOR=“Red”]Error: Critical file transfer error[/COLOR]

can someone help? i have used 000webhost before and never had this problem with this! :frowning:


This shouldn’t take that long to fix.

Edit: I’m wrong, the staff already know.


how long is (long)? like… 5minutes? 2 hours? 3 days?


We are aware of this. Don’t bother submitting a ticket :slight_smile:


I would estimate anywhere from 2 hours to a day and a half. It depends how much other work there is to be done.


Last i heard server15 got cleaned up earlier, guess the hard drive is full… Again.


People probably just reuploaded what got deleted.


okay, thanks… i hope it dont take long… i was just using it


ok, i switched ftp clients and its working now on and off


well… i really need to upload and… it is still full… why dont you clear it so i can upload :mad:


I’m having the same problem with server 19. >.>
Any way to fix it?


im also getting disk full. i notice this thread is over a week old. any idea when it will be fixed. i only need to upload 1 file to get my site up and running again :frowning:


Server 15 should now be ok.


I still can’t upload files to server 15, 552 disk is still full. Fix please!!


Ok, will get staff to check


i submitted a ticket and the reply is below. Im on server 15

Posted by Staff Member, on April 23, 2011, 17:36:37

It should be fixed by Tuesday.

Very Truly Yours,
Helpdesk Staff