I would like to show off to you all my forum site, SilentForums. This forum site has anything that you could ever ask for! It has a lounge area where you can relax and have general conversations. It has an area to talk about gaming. It has a on forum currency where you can buy things without spending your money!

SilentForums has everything that you could ever want in a forum site. We hope that you visit and hopefully take a liking to such an amazing site!
Please provide feedback, as we are always looking to improve!


Signed Up on your forum, but it actually shows Maintenance Mode.

Kind Regards


Maintenance mode?
I have an announcement up that it is under maintenance, but that is about it.


yep that’s what i try to mention. i haven’t receive your confimation mail. check it on the option.

Kind Regards


I have just made a new section on the site where you can post if you are having problems with the confirmation mail. Please refer to that section and make a thread in that section if you are still having problems.


Would anyone else like to give feedback on the website?


lets check, and let you know.

Kind Regards