Simple Php codes for storing data in Database


Help, I need some samples on how to construct a simple codes for storing data at database using Php here in 000webhost. I hope you can help me about this, thank you.


chk this one…its the simple tutorial to upload data to your database


Thank you for helping me out. Yesterday, I have done creating my simple first PHP webpage (with inserting, update/modify, search/view records, delete data) it works fine. But today I checked again my webpage it doesn’t work anymore and I open my database, what I see are lot of error it says : Backtrace hastag *&^^%^&$j2123 whatsoever. Im a newbie, I assumed that my webpage is vulnerable without any encription. :’( So I deleted all of it. Way too hard to secure my pages.

In short, I ended up in nothing.