Suspended !?


Hi all,

This morning, wanting to visit my sites:

A message telling me that these two links no longer exists (HTTP Error 403 Forbidden).

In the members area, I would read this:

Suspended (Terms of service violation: Nulled software on site)

Why this suspension, and can I again get my sites?

Thank you.


Your site was suspended for nulled software which is against our ToS. Isn’t that obvious?


I don’t understand what mean “NULLED SOFTWARE” ?


Bascially commercial scripts that have license checks, callhomes and other protection mechanisms removed. Much like a cracked piece of software


Can I get my site if I would remove all the software component on my site?


no, accounts suspended/canceled for violating the ToS will not be reactivated


And how can I retrieve my files and database?


since the account won´t be restored there is no way to retrieve files/databases


but there is hope to restore my account?


No, accounts cancelled for abuse cannot be restored so you will not get your data back.


No further arguing as accounts canceled for ToS violations will not be made available again.

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