Upgrade php 5.2.X to 5.3.X

Many modern and free CMS is based on PHP 5.3.X. Would be nice if would upgrade to this version or even we have the opportunity to choose between the php version in the control panel.

Which CMS are you trying to use that requires 5.3.x ? You say “many modern and free CMS” require it, however, most of the most popular and feature rich ones don’t (or have a version or patch which allows you to use it on 5.2.x version, so maybe someone can offer you a better solution.

would be, but such upgrade is not planned.


ImpressPages CMS - php 5.3.X (http://www.impresspages.org) - not require PDO Extension

Automne CMS , php 5.2.X (http://en.automne-cms.org/web/en) - this is good alternative , but needs some things;
64MB of memory for PHP scripts (depending on the number of installed PHP extensions: further extensions require more memory).
PHP PDO Extension installed with MySQL driver.
PHP CLI Module available on the server with “system” and “exec” functions to use background tasks.
PHP GD Extension GD (needed to works on images) with libraries JPEG, GIF and PNG.
PHP MbString Extension.
PHP “safe_mode” option disabled.
PHP installed as an Apache module (CGI version offers lower performance but works).
Zlib extension (allow HTML compression).
PHP “magic_quotes_gpc” option disabled.
Apache must have the right to create and edit all Automne files on the server to use automatic installation and update system. Without that, some parts of the installation and updates should be done manually.
An opcode PHP cache like APC or Zend optimizer is a plus for performance purposes.

( This 2 are drag&drop CMS).

Either one requires PDO extensions to be installed, which aren´t on free accounts. So upgrading PHP wouldn´t be enough

Thanks for the reply .

It’s been a year now. Can we get the upgrade for 5.3?
Anchor CMS requires PHP 5.3 too. :frowning:

There still are no plans to upgrade the PHP version for free accounts. Premium Hosting accounts have been upgraded to 5.3.10 already.

40 servers to upgrade :D.

Yes guys come on…we need to upgrade us to php 5.3…I cant install “thebuggenie” without php 5.3.x

I am seeing other free site OTHER WEBHOSTING now offering upto 5.3.10.

Guys come on this would be great for all of us…

Php 5.3.x isn’t that of a great improvement, it’s only some speed and some few removed functions and acctually some new functions.

And think of all those on the XX 000webhost servers that has kinda outdated software, they all have to upgrade it at the same time, this could probably mean some downtime due to 1000 people upgrading their script at the same time pluss the avrg use of updating and renewing.

I do agree that we should always be up-to-date with the newest tech and such, but bear in mind that this is also a free host that promotes their paid hosting.
If you had a free and a paid host, would you let the free users have the same advantages as the paid host?

I agree, because in September, soon appears in Joomla 3.0 that requires PHP version 5.3!

If you had a free and a paid host, would you let the free users have the same advantages as the paid host?

You’re right … so paid users to upgrade to version 5.4 and the free to 5.3…

In addition to Joomla 3.0 requiring PHP 5.3, some critical components of Joomla 2.5 are now requiring PHP 5.3. The most recent version of Akeeba Backup for example (version 3.6.2) released 8-18-12, will not run in joomla 2.5 on free accounts. I suspect that Admin Tools will also require PHP 5.3 very soon. Any news on when PHP might be upgraded?

You’re right

phpbb.com released 3.0.11 forum software today. One more release and their software won’t run.

WordPress is still using PHP 5.2.4, but soon they will change it, for sure.

Kunena 2.0.2

“Even though PHP 5.2 is supported, it is recommended to use the latest stable release of PHP 5.3 (currently 5.3.16). PHP 5.4 is also supported, Kunena 2.0.0 is strict compliant with this PHP version.”

PHP 5.2.17 probably is way more secure than the recent builds.
That aside, we are discussing an update of the PHP version used on the servers we host free accounts on. So far it is just a discussion, no final decision has been made. Should the version be updated there will be an announcement made here on the forums.

Even more to the point than number of software packages that now require PHP 5.3 or higher is the fact that the PHP organization, itself, no longer supports 5.2. As a matter of fact, it has been more than a year and a half since they declared they official end of life for version 5.2:

Regardless of what antiquated hosting services may (or may not) decide to do, the people who develop the software that customers use DO pay attention to such support issues and that means that more and more VERY common software packages are soon going to become completely unusable here.

PLEASE take heed of not only those who happen to wish to use your services, but also of those who do the work to produce the products that such users wish to install.

Thank you.

Well said HenryH. Funny that the host here, even on free accounts, says they have installer for wordpress, joomla etc, but the servers cannot run the latest versions (even though security issues in older versions go unchecked by the communities who developed the software) so really the server itself is exposed to threats. Sometimes upper management “does not see the forrest because of all the money they could make turning the trees to paper”.

I personally have already formulated plan to transition my clients sites to another host and have confinced my clients to invest in paid hosting but I can not recommend this host. So in fact they have lost money as a result of being cheap & greedy