Using GoogleMail with 000webhost


This tutorial will work only if you have parked your premium or free domain from a domain registrar at 000webhost under the “Set Web Address” page. It will only work if you are using nameservers, not the CNAME record.

Firstly you should head into and login

Once logged in “Manage Website”

Now hit “Set Web Address”

Find your domain on the list you wish to use GoogleMail with

Click “Manage” then select “MX Record”

You’ll see this screen hopefully

Hit “Set to Google MX servers”

The page should change now - click save!

Now the to head over to GoogleMail to setup your domain there!

Choose your site name

Choose your location

Provide a contact email

Select you have a domain

Type in your domain name

Choose your name

Choose your administrator login email and a secure password

Share away if you want

This may appear, solve it.


If you want more email addresses simply set the users up now.

Add their names and emails and save them

Send out confirmation emails to you/your users

Add a personal message to your team if you want.

Now you need to verify sometimes you own the domain, simply upload this small piece of code onto your domain.

Else you can download a .html document and upload that to your site instead if you feel you don’t want to insert the code into your index page.

Upload the html file to your public_html folder

Now the next few steps you can skip because we’ve already set the MX record in because we have pointed our nameservers to 000webhost.

You may see this message until Google sees your verification of ownership i.e. meta code or .html file etc and until it sees the MX record correctly.

Once this has confirmed you own the domain you will be able to login to GoogleMail with and your password and send + receive emails on GoogleMail using your own domain!

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