Website and Builder Critical Problem


The website builder is still in the beta stage (I believe) so there are bugs and issues that may arise and they may not get rectified intermediately it may take days/weeks before a fix is implemented.

In the meantime I would recommend using a suitable CMS or Blog system like WordPress if you feel you need a website builder ; or if you are just needing a small time site then a HTML Site Template which you can edit locally or using the code editor may be a lot easier for you?


Didn’t realise it was beta, Ok il go else where for my website building, thanks for your quick response. Thanks keep up the good work.:slight_smile:


No worries; sorry it didn’t work out this time around; hopefully the developers are reading the reports that the system is pushing over to them and hopefully they’ll implement fixes at some point! :frowning:


Oh God… Zyro has deleted all my files! The files continue existing but, they are all 0 bytes! All my work became rubbish now


Thank god that I use filezilla to make a backup and restore it … Please, take care of the users!!!


But, all my progress form 3 months has become real rubbish.


An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified

mail :


zyro problem


Hi @serkan_ercan1984

zyro builder is undergoing maintenance. Please keep waiting until we finish it. We will let you know when the maintenance are finished.


Thanks for fixing it, now it works and my work is alive now! Zyro has come back again!



Thanks for letting us know.

Happy webmastering!


I have the same problem. Can you help me?


Hi @etb

What error do you get? Can you post a screenshot please?



As the message shows, our developers are informed about this problem. Please keep patience.

If you need consider upgrading to avoid those problem.


I have upgraded my version, but I cannot access to my original version. Can you help me?


Hi there have you signed up to Hostinger?
They provide expert support for their services, I am unable to access Hostinger related accounts only, but they transfer your site fully for you and free too!

PLEASE let us know how you get on and if you are still stuck!
There is a LIVE CHAT button bottom right of Hostinger website to query with a live human geek to help you!


Hey @etb

Is your problem fixed now?