Website is no longer available


Installed a fresh wordpress site and i can’t access the website due to this error “Website is no longer available” site url and home url is set to http but still isn’t fixed


Open public_html and delete .htaccess?

Open up index.php/index.html make sure the content doesn’t just say Website is no longer available


I have same promlem
Website is no longer available

I try to reset and delete site in control panel, recreate all and have this problem.

Also I try delete .htaccess but no changes.



This is being looked at guys, standby sorry for any inconvenience.


You Website is working!


His website wasn’t working a few hours ago but now it is, but my website still isn’t working though


Confirm. Now my website work.
And I also check moviefreehd website, and still - Website is no longer available


Please check now :slight_smile: Works ?


Yes, it’s working now!
Thank you!