Website stuck and website slow


I have created a new website for e commerce learning. But the website is stuck and all the information and plugin and widgets not showing. And website is also slow what is the reason for this. Is it the problem of theme or what. And the speed is low why is it because of free hosting. Thank u very much sir.


Are you using WordPress?


yes sir…


Your website is just working fine on my end with good speed. :slight_smile:
Try clearing your browser’s cache or try using incognito mode or try using VPN :wink:


yes sir it is working but all my products are not appearing, so many widgets not appering.


Was it working fine before?


Yes sir… Sometimes it stucks like this, is it the problem of theam Sir, previously also happened like this u told this is the problem of theme then I changed it. is my website will slow if large no of traffic comes sir. Thank u very much sir.


Unfortunately WordPress will run slowly with a few plugins, best upgrading to premium or removing plugins.


Ok if I upgrade, is it no problem comes, suggest which plan of urs best for e commerce. And is it website stuck if I have lots of plugins. And I want to know about the plans of hostinger as for 10000 visits per month which plan best and for 100000 visits which plan. If more than 1 lack comes is it website slow. Thank u.


Please contact hostinger support upon signing up, they will tell you which one is the best :wink:


Yes contacted, thank u. One more question what is the maximum traffic for 000webhosting monthly.


As long as you do not hit the limits, you’re good to go


What are the limits sir. Could u please tell me. Definitely I will join hostinger because I learned a lot here. in future all my success start there.


One gigabyte storage
Ten gigabytes bandwith (monthly)

Fifteen thousand query per one hour (read&write)

One hour per twenty-four hours