Websites don't work


I have 2 websites with 000webhost: and palec_tv. Both of them display the same message ‘A database error occurred while processing this request.’. I’m not able to log in to my accounts. What is wrong?


Any screenshots of it?




Screenshot from otuw.poznan_pl
palec_tv does not respond at all now


Hmmm, can you double check database password?


Every time I have info ‘Password is not correct’


Can you change your database password to the one you used in your website, under cpanel>manage databases.


I was not be able to log in cpanel (wrong password), I clicked ‘forgot password?’, with new password I accessed account but… there is nothing here!!, all files gone, account is empty…


I think you logged in with wrong email.


Ok, I will check with my client if they haven’t changed any login details, thanks for now