Weird boxes everywhere on my site!


My old website was shut down due to this CPU limit reached this that won’t go away for days now, So i made a new one called but now there are these weird boxes in random places. there is nothing wrong with the html file this only happens with the new account. please help.


You’re talking about this right??

Can try again after downgrading your php version to “5.4”.(Settings – Genereal – PHP Version).


Those are fonts displaying from a css file perhaps. I had the same issue once on my website and found it was a font issue. Check your codes for those characters that are displaying as <?>


i downgraded to php 5.4 but it still does not work
it looks the same…
i do not have any css file thingies for fonts. here is an image of the original html file on my hard drive

and the web version
for me the <?> boxes are boxes… without question marks


I’m going to go ahead and say the issue will be you’ve created it in Word 2000.


ok. i’ll try something else. MS frontpage 95 or 2003 are my only other web builders


I used Frontpage then I moved onto this.


oh cool. thanks :relaxed:


Ok I see what you mean about those squares and had seen them as well on some sites I visited. But it was when I upgraded my Win8.1 to Win 10 and installed a newer version of Opera that they became visible as emoji’s that Opera/Win8.1 wouldn’t display. I don’t know if that is something helpful to you, but if you have done something different in between both those screen shots,it could be something to check out.
Also check to see if your Meta tag is for charset=UTF-8 or something else. I edit all my webpages with Microsoft’s Word Pad manually, because in the past I’ve had “programs” change things that caused some things to not display as I wanted them to. I’ve never tried Front Page, maybe I’ll also check out Expression Web.

I hope you figure it out, good luck! :slight_smile:


I created this little thing to try to see what web builder would work.
for some reason all of them worked
here it is
(the navigation bar at the top of the page does not work very well)
i will keep using expression web anyway.

but how will the homepage look when transported to expression web…

ok i will try one last thing. i am going to try and rewrite the entire site… this is going to take a while. oh well.


oh ok rewriting it does fix it

yayyayayayyayyyayayyayayyyayyayayayayya it works!!!:slight_smile::grinning::smiley:


Good to know!
Happy website building :smiley: