Why is my website loading so slow?


Hi there!

While loading my website, it takes forever. Is my 000webhost server down, or is the problem in one of my files?

My website is wrbloods.000webhostapp.com

I hope to hear your solutions.



Loaded okay for me, you seem to be using a similar looking sytem like WordPress?
Ensure you have little to no plugins and a decent optimised theme that isn’t too heavy else you will face issues with loading times on the free hosting sorry.
If it isn’t WP you are using again make sure the script isn’t using too much resources on freeium else you’ll face loading time issues.


After a few times of reloading my site, I get this error message:

I tried loading my site on several devices and several internet connections. Can anyone help me please?



Are you using any long polling techniques?


Check the website clearly compress css files & reduce the animation images in website.



  • Use cloudflare for faster, minified delivery
  • Compress images in your website
  • Remove unwanted wp plugins

If it does not fix you issue for your satisfaction, upgrade to hostinger.

Note: 504 error is a temporary error that can have in 000webhost servers. Upgrade to avoid those problems.