Why not give the woke up button to the domain and website owner?


There are so many questions and problems on the woke and sleep of the wessite.

the problems appear again and again.


If we provided you with a button, that would mean that anytime your website would be sleeping, you could wake it up. This isn’t the purpose of the system. :slight_smile: Is one of your sites sleeping?


Hey, my site is as sleep again…



@keijei24 I have woken up your site. :slight_smile:


Hey, my site is as sleep again


Hey, my site is asleep


My site oversleeping, Please fix asap


My site oversleeping, Can you please fix asap?


@mocaiapp @Jacobcapper @mallu your sites are now awake. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much hexa !


Please fix my other site hexa, same case.


there you go @mocaiapp! :slight_smile:


Oh …very fast response hexa. Thank you :slight_smile:


Please help to fix my site, https://khubite.000webhostapp. com, too! Thank you.


@weikangchia I’ve woken it up. :wink:


Really appreciate your help thanks!


No Problem! :blush: Glad to help.


@hexa Please wake my site has been sleeping for a long time now



Hi Hexa. Can you please wake up my site. freezetimephoto.000webhostapp.com

Thanks in advance



You can provide a button which will work only outside the sleeping hours set for the site if that can solve the purpose of the system and handle the issue at the same time