Picking the right HTML template for your website can be a hassle. There are just so many of them, it’s overwhelming! But you’re in luck. In this article, we will give you a list of the best 15 HTML templates, to make picking the right one easier.

What are HTML Templates?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is used to create websites and applications. Together with CSS, it’s responsible for bringing beauty and structure into your website.

Many template creators make use of HTML to make their templates – that’s why it’s called HTML templates. These themes contain a structured layout with integrated dummy visual elements such as images, icons, videos, and many more.

For example, by using free website templates, you don’t have to create your site’s structure and layout from scratch. You need only edit the desired .html pages and replace the dummy elements with your own!

Nowadays, there are thousands upon thousands of HTML templates to choose from. So, we picked the best ones for you to look into. Let’s dig in!

Best HTML Template List

1. Strategy

Strategy as one of the best html templates

Need an HTML template that will show off your work in a sleek and elegant manner? Strategy can do that for you.

It has a compact, simple and aesthetically pleasing layout. It has everything you need; a section to display projects, blog posts, a neat about page, a contact form, a full-width Google Maps, and many other features.

This HTML template also gives a smooth feel when you scroll down with its seamless entrance animation for every element. It has a parallax header for the about page which adds to the overall eye-pleasing experience.

Best features:

  • A seamless experience with content reveal
  • Clean and clear interface with smoothly presented content

2. Sublime

Sublime as one of the best html templates

If you’re thinking about opening an online store, you can’t go wrong with Sublime.

It is a free, simplistic-looking ecommerce HTML template that has a knack for grabbing your customers’ attention.

How could it not? With a big header slider, you can showcase your best-featured products. Combine it with a compelling call-to-action copy and you’re all set!

This HTML template offers you features like a neat sticky navigation menu – which turns into overlay navigation in mobile mode, a newsletter subscription button, a contact form, and Google Maps.

Best features:

  • A responsive, sticky navigation menu bar
  • Slideshow with call-to-action buttons

3. PhotoGallery

PhotoGallery as one of the best html templates

PhotoGallery is an innovative HTML template intended for photography blogs.

Gone are the days where you have to navigate a site by scrolling down. Instead, you navigate through the site by moving the slider in a horizontal direction.

What is more, you can a put a thumbnail preview of your works, creating a better user-experience for photography fans out there.

The template offers a stunning display for your gallery. Seeing the photos dance around as you filter through categories, gives a nice touch to an overall seamless experience.

Other features to benefit from are including social media buttons, blog page, and a contact page with Google Maps.

Best features:

  • Innovative horizontal navigation
  • Interactive gallery page

4. Format

Format as one of the best html templates

Format is a multipurpose HTML template that puts focus on visuals. Everything about the template screams creativity. The neatly-formatted portfolio section is perfect for showcasing your projects, photography, products, and services. You can also feature a pop-up video in the header.

Best features:

  • A video pop-up in the header
  • A compact display of portfolio

5. Black

Black as one of the best html templates

The HTML template Black brings a classic look to your website. Even more, this multipurpose template offers you nice slider with call-to-action buttons, a pop-up video, single page section with an accordion sidebar, and a working contact form with a full-width Google Maps below.

Best features:

  • Uniquely elegant look
  • Smooth content reveal

6. Cachet

Cachet as one of the best html templates

Cachet is a free multipurpose HTML template with outstanding features at its arsenal. With a video background as its header, sticky menu, smooth animation upon scrolling, and the one-page navigation alternative, the template offers endless possibilities.

You can use it for any purpose you can think of – showcasing products and services, a portfolio, landing pages, online stores, etc.

Best features:

  • Video background as the header
  • Flexible use

7. Frame

Frame as one of the best html templates

Being a one-page navigation template, Frame offers a straightforward experience for your visitors.

Instead of directing you to a new page when clicking on the menu bar, it automatically scrolls down to the specific section. A one-page template saves your visitors some loading time – and it’s easier for them to find all the available information.

It features pricing, reviews, sticky menus, and contact form section.

Best features:

  • One-page navigation
  • Flexible

8. Boxus

Boxus as one of the best html templates

If you want your site to stand out, then you found the right HTML template. Boxus is a one-page navigation site, allowing you to read all information in one place.

What’s more, it uses a unique transition animation as you scroll down. It’s a perfect choice for a creative agency landing page, showcasing your portfolio and products, or an online resume.

You can’t go wrong with choosing this HTML template – especially if you aim for a unique style to reel in the “wow” factor.

Best features:

  • Unique, seamless animation transition
  • Bright colors matching the whole layout

9. Dinomuz

Dinomuz as one of the best html templates

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the eye-pleasing Dinomuz HTML template? Its bright colors will quickly make your visitors stunned upon entering your site.

Without a doubt, this clean and colorful HTML template will go hand-in-hand with a creative business of any kind.

It has a nice call-to-action button that appears on hover, a hamburger menu navigation, transparent contact information on the bottom, and a newsletter subscription button.

Best features:

  • Beautiful bright colors
  • Nicely-wrapped elements

10. Creative Agency

Creative Agency as one of the best html templates

Despite its name, Creative Agency is a multi purpose template. It has a clean look which makes it a versatile HTML template – you can use it for a service page, a business or organization landing page.

Its navigation is straightforward, has a back-to-top button, and a sticky menu. Other features are pricing, a contact form, a single post page, and many more.

Best features:

  • Clean and simplistic look
  • Flexible

11. Suitcase

Suitcase as one of the best html templates

Here comes a treat for fellow web-designers! Suitcase is a free HTML template designed for any business related to coding or web design.

It comes with the signature font type commonly found in coding, giving out a clear message of your identity and the services you offer.

It also has a sleek design with full-screen overlay menu navigation, a slider with a call-to-action button, a compact display of your work, and a testimony section to help you advertise your business even further.

Best feature:

  • Relatable font type for coding niche
  • Has a simple and unique full overlay menu

12. Sierra

Sierra as one of the best html templates

Sierra is a powerful and visually pleasing HTML template.

Sierra states, that the template works best for a startup company. It has a unique layout with a polished content reveal animation that can help you demonstrate your project better.

What’s more, the performance, loading speed, and its aesthetics are second to none. It’s also retina ready – sharper and better-looking visual quality for improving your site’s browsing experience.

Best features:

  • Retina-ready
  • Polished entrance animation

13. Security

Security as one of the best html templates

This is  HTML template is specifically designed for the security services’ business.

Security goes beyond aesthetics – it will cater to your brand awareness and help customers get all the information they need about your services. It has fantastic pricing display, a well-designed gallery, a working contact page, and many more.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t offer security services. This template can be edited and also used for any other purposes.

Best features:

  • Compact display
  • Specified niche but also multipurpose

14. Startup

Startup as one of the best html templates

As the name implies, Startup is an HTML template intended for a newly emerged business. All the features in this template are aimed toward one goal: to put your company’s name out in the open efficiently.

That’s why it’s packed with many sections to showcase your services. You will get such functions as a pop-up video, portfolio section, testimonials, call-to-action, and pricing table.

Best features:

  • Clean and elegant look
  • Has the compact layout of information

15. Zeta

Zeta as one of the best html templates

As a modern-looking HTML template, Zeta will be a suitable place to display your business.

It features a way to provide detailed information about your service or talents. All the essential data is showcased – wrapped nicely in the solid layout.

Most banners on the site have the parallax effect, and the template also features a sticky menu. The big slider as the header can also be used to exhibit your most-priced products.

Best features:

  • Percentage bar
  • Elegant parallax section


Now that you have seen our picks of the best HTML templates, you can choose one and start your online journey.

Using an HTML template is convenient – you can trim time and energy to build a stunning and functional website.

Each has its unique features, but we have decided to choose Boxus as the Editor’s Pick.

Among all listed above, Boxus proves to be the one with the most unique and innovative features. The experience when scrolling down the page is unlike anything else – standing out from your competitors can give a huge boost to your company!

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