Git is the most popular distributed version-control system which is mostly used in software development. Using Git is very useful and can highly improve your workflow. The most important question is: where can you learn Git easily?

Before going into detail, let’s break down the name to better understand what we are dealing with.

  • Version Control System (VCS)
    This is an application to track changes in files. It is commonly used when several people work on a single file, or code in software development. The app will document all changes made to the file  – you’ll be able to see who made the change, what and when they changed, suggestions, comments and more.
  • Distributed
    Basically, there are two types of VCS: Centralized VCS and Distributed VCS. The former keeps the history of changes on a central server, which means that you need to be online to access the file. A request or permission is also required if anyone wants to get the latest version and change it. The latter provides everyone with a copy of the history on their local servers, thus enabling them to work independently, and make any changes they want.


Websites to Learn Git

Git and VCS, in general, are quite practical. Like everything else in life, learning how to use Git is best through hands-on experience. So, here are the best recourses for you to start learning:

1. CodeAcademy

codeacademy git courses

You can always rely on CodeAcademy to learn coding-related skills, including Git. Although you have to subscribe for $15.99-$19.00/month, the first 7-day trial period is free.

The material consists of 4 courses and covers the basics of Git like the workflow, merging, and branching. While on paper you can finish the whole course in 10 hours, there’s no need to rush. Mastering each key skill should be your first priority.

To help you improve practical skills, CodeAcademy gives you three portfolio projects to solve. Various quizzes are also available to test your knowledge.

2. Atlassian

atlassian git courses

Atlassian is an Australian software company which also offers a free Git lesson.

The first thing you’ll notice is its neat and intuitive user interface. More importantly, the courses come in a nice structure, starting from beginner to advanced level.

Each section comprises of text, screenshots, and code snippets. In other words, you’ll get everything you need all in one place.

The best thing is that Atlassian provides you with two options of repository simulator. You can use either the online version or the desktop one – called Bitbucket Cloud and Sourcetree. This feature will help you learn Git even faster.

3. Learn Git Branching

learn git branching git tutorial

Learn Git Branching is very straightforward. When you open the website, there will be a popup explaining some basic information, including how the platform works.

Once inside, you’ll have access to the visual editor on which you will write your syntax. While it may take some time to get used to, the interface is very intuitive – showing the output directly once an input is submitted.

More popups will appear to show instructions and important information. However, the lack of navigation limits users to access the information freely.

If you choose simplicity over anything, Learn Git Branching might be your best choice. Plus, it’s free.

4. Tower

tower git tutorial landing page

Tower is an e-learning platform specifically designed to help learn Git. It offers two products: an eBook and video tutorials.

You can start for free on both options but will need to pay for more advanced material –  $29 for eBook, $89 for video tutorials, and $99 for both combined. If you’re a Mac user, you can get all the videos for free by installing their GUI.

If you want to get more information, consider subscribing to their newsletter. It won’t spam your mailbox either, as they only send out content once a month.

5. Pro Git Book

pro git book text material

The last learning source comes from Git itself.

While it may not fit everyone’s learning style, the Pro Git Book will be valuable for anyone who likes to read first before getting their hands dirty.

You can either read the material on Git’s website or download the eBook. Not only does it have a nice structure to help you learn from the basics, but it also contains a lot of code snippets, which provide more context to the material.

Apart from English, it supports 12 other languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean.


Git makes collaborative work easy. It keeps track of changes made in a single file, so anyone working on it will be up to date with any changes made.

While it may seem too technical at first, our picks of best websites to learn Git will assist you to master it from the basics.

To sum it up, here are the best recourses to learn Git:

  1. CodeAcademy: all-in-one feature, including three portfolio projects
  2. Atlassian: intuitive interface, nice course structure, two useful repository simulators
  3. Learn Git Branching: straightforward and light
  4. Tower: two options for different learning style, an eBook and video materials
  5. Pro Git Book: rich in knowledge, nice reading material


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